Stephan Hawking Memories

When I saw him "speak" at UC Berkeley, after an hour or so, the electronic voice just seemed natural, if very slow when answering questions from the audience of physicists and a few of us lay folks who were just there to listen and see a great man. Quite interesting to see such a gathering of scientists drawn by his ideas and work.

Persistence of Vision is essential for an artist

From a facebook thread:

Bruce Bagnoli
Bruce Bagnoli Take a moment to enjoy the views from the Presidio Letterman Digital Arts garden. Master Landscape Architect Larry Halprin did this garden and it looks out on the the Palace of Fine Arts. George Lucas committed to underground parking (60M) to make this garden of delights possible. One of Larry's last projects it is subtle and inspiring.

Patricia Farber
Patricia Farber Thank you for this information!

Study Map:

I regularly read papers posted to (always careful to note critical meta data)
This is a starting map January 2018

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January 2018

Willow sitting between my arms while typing.
Grateful to have time with him.

Neurons and Cognition

Disordered Systems and Neural Networks

Factoid Jan 31, 2017

From the New York Times :

according to a study by Ball State University, nearly nine in 10 jobs that disappeared since 2000 were lost to automation in the decades-long march to an information-driven economy, not to workers in other countries.

Study link:

the link is by a conservative group, but it says that 88% of the job loss since 2000 is due to productivity gains, not foreign competition. Foreign factors account for only 12% of the loss.

Learning from Casey Neistat's Vlog

Casey Neistat has a daily Vlog on YouTube that I watch along with another 4 million or so folks around the globe as he goes through his daily routine. Based in New York city, he's known for riding an electric skate board through Manhattan traffic and a video style that is selfie to the max. He's built a following by being direct, open in a way that is honest, respectful of the audience and with boundaries for the privacy of others.

Grassroots innovation movement

Flight fest 2016 was a celebration of flight , a most joyous celebration it was. A family oriented event, it brought radio control model builders and flyers of all ages together to .
TI stumbled accross this video about the building of the "Circle" airplane at the event as a community event, then they fly this big RC airplane and let the swarm of smaller drones and rc airplanes try toknock it out of the sky. THey actually fly several small aircraft through the circle wing while it is in flight.

Old Forest protects biodiversity and the climate

Recent research adds to our understanding of how forests can provide microrefugia and modify the microClimate. This may mitigate the effects of rapid climate change to some degree.
Spatial models reveal the microclimatic buffering capacity of old-growth forests
Sarah J. K. Frey1,*, Adam S. Hadley1, Sherri L. Johnson2, Mark Schulze1, Julia A. Jones3 and Matthew G. Betts1,*


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