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New Clean Energy System

The practical demonstration of the laser powered capacitive kilotesla single turn coil device to produce a magnetic field that could contain and influence a plasma driven by a second very powerful laser that would initiate a fusion burn in a cylinder of B-11+H fuel (with some unknown matrix?) is the basis for a new energy system proposed by H.Hora, G Miley, This reaction produces fewer neutrons than DT fusion, and while requiring more energy to initiate, there is a resonance process that drives an avalanche reaction series so the multiplication potential for energy gain is great.

Mom and Amy's Birthday Celebration

photos here:
Mom & Amy's Birthday Dinner

Yun Datalogger back in operation

The yun01 datalogger is now back in operation. It is configured to use 120v ac via a wall wart, currently in Living Room. It is still in breadboard form, and works via wifi. Have it
configured to use the front house wifi, works well and uploads pictures and data to a drupal database on this server, the data is then uploaded to the madake server although this is not turned on at the moment.

The yun02 machine has a basic image, but no sensors as of yet.

Pantomiming Cats

When you are with cats for a while, it becomes clear that they are able to "form an intent" and to act to achieve their goal. This includes getting humans to do something such as provide food, turn on the water, open the door, whatever.

Hans Bethe and Supernovas

Back in the 1980's I attended a colloquium or a talk by Hans Bethe about how type II Supernovas work. As he spoke, my interest grew but then he said something casually that sent a shiver through me and made my hair on my legs stand up. He casually explained that during a core collapse event at one point the matter around the degenerate core may become so dense that it becomes opaque to neutrinos, possibly initiating sudden "neutrino heating" and starting a shock wave.

Skunks under the building

Matthew reported a skunk smell that he thought came from under the building, so I called Wildcare for advise and maybe some help.


Ivy is one of those plants that can absorb as much energy as I can throw at it, and once I stop, it comes back. Similar to Blackberries but less prickly and able to evade attention for longer as it's stems and roots have burrowed far and wide.


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