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Little Stuff

Each day, I make some time for "little stuff". These are the tasks that I do around here that fix a latch, pull weeds from a corner somewhere, maybe sort a pile and throw out a bag full of un-needed papers, address on bit of financial activity that needs attention, these things that are like sand in the gears. Small but when they accumulate, they clog until cleared out.

Parallel Language

When I hear a radio "personality" use a set of words that is aligned with a set of talking points, it is a clue as to the political affiliation of the speaker. Recently I heard Governor Jerry Brown of California characterized as "imperious" with language that paralleled the way that some Fox commentators referred to President Barak Obama. Obvious that putting a label on a politician and then asking folks to respond to the label without considering if there is any connection between the target of the commentators and the issue at hand is a populist manipulation attempt.

New tools for crowd source radiation monitoring and mapping

Recent work by scientists and engineers from Battelle Institute working at INEL demonstrated a practical gamma ratiation detection and classification application using commercially available cell phones as crude detectors. The authors of the study point out that there are many cell phones, and although they may not be as accurate as standard instruments, they have the advantage of ubiquity making availability in the event of emergency more likely. Although the code wasn't released in the scientific paper by Joshua Cogliati

Community Resources

Working with our community to develop media resources for over 15 years here in Marin, I've seen both how much can be accomplished by a dedicated group of volunteers, but also how important it is to have a strong vision, and the persistence to persevere through setbacks and the conflicts that arise in the course of such work.

Morning Chores

Quiet morning, warming up, hardly past the coffee with Sharon, the cat box(2), the breakfast, and the trash- a bit of email, a bike ride, a visit to the hospital on the agenda. Still more clean up, more work on the courtyard and spirit of place.Also TMR and CMCM.


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