Bruce Bagnoli : Visigraf Technical Director

Bamboo Fence Repairs

After about 10 years, the cords that tie the roll bamboo fencing that is the core of the cottage fence are rotting out. I'm replacing them with this old form of country fence, using two slats that sandwich the vertical culms. Each slat has pairs of 5/64 inch holes drilled at least a quarter of the width in and staggered that will allow the tie wire to be threaded through and twisted tight. Simple, but durable. The previous system allowed me to have some curves and interesting shapes that took advantage of the tambour nature of the roll fencing.

Carol on Green

Carol is open and fully attentive.

New tools for crowd source radiation monitoring and mapping

Recent work by scientists and engineers from Battelle Institute working at INEL demonstrated a practical gamma ratiation detection and classification application using commercially available cell phones as crude detectors. The authors of the study point out that there are many cell phones, and although they may not be as accurate as standard instruments, they have the advantage of ubiquity making availability in the event of emergency more likely. Although the code wasn't released in the scientific paper by Joshua Cogliati

Community Resources

Working with our community to develop media resources for over 15 years here in Marin, I've seen both how much can be accomplished by a dedicated group of volunteers, but also how important it is to have a strong vision, and the persistence to persevere through setbacks and the conflicts that arise in the course of such work.

Resolution of Frustration with 1and1 as host

short story

Update: After contacting 1and1 tech support a second time, I reached a person who was knowledgeable and honest. Short conversation with him and I confirmed that the package upgrade to provide more resources would resolve the problem, and that they would take a while to implement it. It is now complete, and the php memory limit is not a factor, it runs fast. The overhead of the unfortunate snafu with tech support initially could be avoided.

2013 Planetary Dance: Sunrise

Dawn on Mt. Tamalpias

Sunday before sunrise, about 50 people hiked up to the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpias to start the Planetary Dance for 2013. As the sun rose in the sky, offerings of song, poetry, movement and music were shared. This year's gathering included people from across the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia. Russel Bass conducted the gathering. James Nixon read a poem, there were songs and flute music, and of course, dance movement, It was warmer than some years, no fog in our area though we could see it a ways off. Beautiful view, so nice to be in the Chaparral again.


Mt. Tamalpias - East Peak
United States
37° 55' 44.5512" N, 122° 34' 40.0836" W


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