2013 Planetary Dance: Sunrise

Dawn on Mt. Tamalpias

Sunday before sunrise, about 50 people hiked up to the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpias to start the Planetary Dance for 2013. As the sun rose in the sky, offerings of song, poetry, movement and music were shared. This year's gathering included people from across the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia. Russel Bass conducted the gathering. James Nixon read a poem, there were songs and flute music, and of course, dance movement, It was warmer than some years, no fog in our area though we could see it a ways off. Beautiful view, so nice to be in the Chaparral again.


Mt. Tamalpias - East Peak
United States
37° 55' 44.5512" N, 122° 34' 40.0836" W

New Bamboo Culms 2013

Bamboo leaves in the courtyard sunlight.

May 6 2013: The Phyllostachys (P.nigra, P.bambusoides, P.vivax, etc.) are sending up new culms in the bamboo grove. Some already above my head, others just emerging. Dry spring, seems to limit the productivity of the grove. Not many new culms so far this year.

Water Cream

Snowy loves fresh water and he prefers
to drink only the fresh, top layer of the water dish.
We call that the "water cream"
since cream floats to the top
and has the sweetest taste.
He has diabetes, though that didn''t come from
water cream,
rather his excessive drinking of water
was a
symptom of diabetes.
Now it is controlled to a degree
with insulin injections
twice a
He's a good friend.


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